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Agricultural and Domestic Spraying Weed control fleet.

In the 1970s, I discovered this interesting yard in Bayswater, Vic just full of CMPs. Almost all were late production Ford F60S, but there were a few ex- F30 ambulances as well as one Canadian F15A
Newly refurbished F60S Laso freshly painted, this F60S is a late production truck. Note the typical improvised step common to many of these vehicles.
In the boneyard, these two trucks were due for conversion to spares. Note the cabs along the fence.
Ambulance body later found it's way to Nelson Wilson.
Full spraying rig on F60S. Most still used the original toolbox and spare tyre carriers. What appears to be a Canadian sourced F15 or F15A is the odd one out in the fleet. It's fitted with a late style bumper.
Taken at Bulla, Vic where they were on a job.