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Ford FGT #8 Australian pattern, Port Adelaide      
For several years a rare Australian number 8 gun tractor has been under restoration in Adelaide. Bob Moseley has kindly sent me these pictures of the finished result.      
Looking like a HUP on steroids the gun tractor has a very impressive presence. This is the first restored Ford version of it's type, although several Ford and Chev number 9s exist.      
There are still a few details to complete the vehicle such as rear POL carriers, locker bins and rear hatch. The restoration team.    
In March 2003 Euan visited the Port Adelaide facility and had a guided tour from Bob Mosely (above).      
  Rear floor of the crew section. Note the battery box.    
The rear seat served as stowage and the crew were thoughtfully equipped with grab ropes for rough terrain.      
The backrest of the rear seat was hinged for access to the internal lockers. Rear of the FGT - the floor is timber. Original FGT #8s had walls and lockers on each side; the two outside lockers weren't accessible from within as we see here.    
 Another FGT8 interior looking from front to rear. Note the POL rack on the left rear. Pics from Rod Keys. Interior of original FGT #8. The inside walls of the locker have been gas axed off. (More pics)    
Years of sitting under a mango tree have not been kind to the remains of this body. The unusual thing is the side curtian box is still there.