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Australian National Aviation Museum Moorabin      
Located at second Avenue, Harry Hawker Airport Moorabbin in Victoria, the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group is a collection of dedicated volunteers who have amassed a fabulous collection of aircraft relating to Australian aviation history from 1914 to the present era. They are constantly looking out for potential supporters and particularly sponsors and donors.
Outside aircraft include Meteor, Sabre, Gannet, Viscount and many more.
The group was formed in 1962 but has insufficient space to display all its aircraft. They have a website and can be contacted on 61 3 9580 7752.    
Star of the collection to most people is this DAP Beaufighter which is a composite aircraft mostly based on a very low hours aircraft recovered from the Lord Mayor's Childrens camp at Portsea in the early 1960s.      
A nice aspect of the museum is the accessibility of the aircraft. It's possible to see the Beaufighter from many angles.      
Another Australian built aircraft is the Boomerang, which was based on Wirraway components. Point Cook also have a complete example. There are two airworthy Boomerangs; Lyn Zuicoli's and Matt Denning's and one more under restoration in Wangaratta.      
Another aircraft based on the Wirraway was the post-war CA-28 Ceres cropduster. The Ceres was licenced to carry two passengers, one in the rear cockpit facing to the rear and another in the hopper!
Another airworthy Ceres is owned by Doug Hamilton.
Note the Junkers Jumo engine in the foreground. In the background can be seen the wings of one of the Australian Flying Corps BE2A training aircraft from the Central Flying School, Point Cook 1914.
Bristol Sycamore    
The earliest surviving example of the Wirraway, A20-10 is slated for restoration in the near future. The museum has held this example for many years.      
The Museum's Firefly was flown in to Moorabbin in the late 60s but is sadly now appears grounded forever. The engine was sold and the prop held on with a length of pipe.      
Tiger Moth. The Museum also has other De Havilland aircraft.