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A.A.C.V.M. Argentina

Related page 7B3 FGT belonging to Manuel Vazquez

Luis Mariano Paz was kind enough to contact me early in 2002 to share about his club in Argentina. Here's his first email to me along with some photos he sent.

" My name is Luis Mariano Paz and I live in Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina He wanted to congratulate them for the excellent web site on the Canadian military vehicles. I am onwer of a 1966 Kaiser M606 Jeep (CJ3B militarized) that you can see here. ( I am also member of the Asociacion Argentina of Coleccionistas de Vehiculos Militares .
Among other vehicles we have three Canadian vehicles . one Ford F15A 1943 and two Ford F.A.T In Argentina they even continue in operation great quantity of CMP in many towns of the interior of the country He sends them pictures of these vehicles.
Best regards Luis Mariano Paz"

Luis adds: "Speak with Pablo Telles and he told me that their F.A.T. it is of Abril/1945 and sending directly as Canada surplus to Argentina . He believes that they should have arrived in the Argentina more than 50 F.A.T. and alone there is identified three. Two of Pablo Telles (one finished and another in restoration) and one of Dominico Bortolin"

More pictures from October 2002 of a C60L and HUP in Argentina.

1945 FGT (6th type) with 7B3 bodywork sharing the semi trailer with an International half track. The FAT belongs to Pablo Telles and was built in 1945.

This subject has generated some interesting responses on the Maple Leaf Up forum:

Brian Gough notes: "This same pair of Ford FATs was also featured in an article by Lucio Bortolin in the May 1996 issue of CMP Magazine (#13). In that article editor Brian Asbury wrote, "These very rare Field Artillery Tractors (Chassis Model No. GT-W, Body No. 7B3, Model No. GT-FAT-6) represent the final design of gun tractors produced by Ford and General Motors in Canada during WWII. They had an all steel open roof body with superstructure and tarpaulin containing two hip rings. The spare tire was stowed in a rear compartment below a rear hinged tailgate. Only a relatively small number of 7B3 bodies were produced due to the lessening demand in 1945."

And from Hanno Spoelstra: "Wheels & Tracks No. 58, p.11, featured a picture by Lucio Bortolin of a brace of 1945 CMP Ford FGTs (FAT-6) with the late style 7B3 body, preserved by Domenico Bortolin and Pablo Pellez. Bart Vanderveen thought Argentina was the only country to employ the breed, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. But, in Wheels & Tracks No. 60, p.2, the late Johan Dieffenbach noted that "the Portuguese Army also had some of those rare Ford FGT Quads with the late style 7B3 FAT bodywork. During a visit to a Lisbon barracks in 1980 when many surplus MVs were sold he saw several [picture shown], along with the earlier sloping-back types, all in little-used and near-mint condition. What happened to these collectable relics? Did any survive?"

Late production F15A belonging to Jorge Alejandro Haddad who also kindly sent the pictures below.

Jorge Alejandro Haddad. In a translation by Luis he comments:"My name is Jorge Alejandro Haddad and my profession is a Doctor. My admiration for the CMP begins when I went with my parents on vacations to the Atlantic Coast. At that time (I was 14 years old) the coastal roads were in bad condition and suitable only for CMPs. At the moment I have 5 CMPs. The F15A is finished and the other 4 in the restoration stage. The F60L below is my most recent purchase."

Ford F60L. Note the step, same as on late production Aussie CMP Fords too.
More pictures from October 2002 of a C60L and HUP in Argentina.