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Hassett's Uralla Military Museum      
This museum is owned and operated by Darcy Hassett, this museum is located in Uralla, a small town on the New England Highway in New South Wales.
The collection covers all service arms and contains objects from conflicts from WW1 to Vietnam.
Darcy can be contacted on 0267 784 600.
WW1 vintage Maxim Machine gun WW2 Link Trainer.    
Nose from a Mosquito found near Darwin. There is much memorabilia such as this tin helmet from an unknown RAN ship.    
WW2 searchlight. and artillery piece.      
More memorabilia, this time some items recovered from the Solomon Islands.      
Ferret Scout Car. 40mm Bofors.    
Dodge Ute and Land-Rover trailer      
  Wiles Cooking trailer.    
  1970s Ford, a militarised conventional type. The dropside tray is identical to the one my F60L was fitted with.    
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