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May 2008 From Matong comes this F60S with pics by Howard Holgate.
April 2008

A CMP in Namibia.
Meanwhile in Yass the hot spanner is mightier than the cold one.
Temora Aviation Museum flying weekend incorporating the Forward Air Controllers reunion.

March 2008 Corowa gathering - Thursday run.
Saturday parade, page 1 and page 2.

February 2008

Corowa 2008 news release.
Temora Aviation Museum February flying weekend.
Ship on 455 Squadron page is identified by a pilot who was there.
Another CGT No9 Aust is discovered at Mannum, South Australia. This is the highest serial number yet discovered.
Release of the COROWA 2007 DVD with still frames.
Our History is a blog which I am collaborating in with my mate Roger Clarke.
The Hedges cab 12 F60L is finally mobile.
Yass show 2008.
Yass show tractor vs Carrier pull.

January 2008

The erosion control C60L starts to come apart.
Part one of the story of the resurrection of 'Puff the tragic waggon", a Chevrolet C60S in fire service in the 1960s.
Part two is now available where we find the C60S in danger of extinction.
In part three the remains are saved, stripped, repaired, painted and still unfinished it is taken for that first magic drive...
The fourth and final part is now online.
19th - the erosion control C60L becomes further eroded.