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The Cuthbertson Land-Rover under test in Australia.
John Belfield's photograph collection page 1, Staghounds,
A watery White Scout Car recovery exersise.
Yak Attack - the view from a Yak52 as we beat up a beach.
GMH wartime publicity film stills.
Shed full of shit (and a few CMPs). Here's one, a C8AX. And another, a F15A with sunshine roof.
Ian Style's Guy completed.
Balloons over Bagan, Burma.
FEBRUARY 2006 Farm implements made from CMP parts.
Jeep with tipping body.
The January flying weekend at Temora.
A C60L cab 12 as part of the Holgate sale (see "shedfullofshit" above)
Some detail pics of the Burmese buses from Andy Davey, including the Dodge.
Aircraft sounds.
Chevrolet Modified front end.

Mandalay in 2006, page 2 and 3.
MARCH 2006 Ian Styles' low mileage F60L "T" Stores arrives in Temora.
A look at Ian Style's Cletrac high speed airfield tractor.
Temora's March 2006 flying weekend.
Year of the Armoured Car - the event (3 pages).
Ron Fry's No.6 Light Anti-Aircraft Tractor.
Ron's CMP collection, page 1 and page 2, tracked vehicles.
A third, previously unpublished image of the prototype CGT No8 (Aust) has surfaced.
A last look at the Melbourne Tank Museum before the auction next month. Page 1, page 2 page 3
APRIL 2006 Point Cook Air Pageant.
India Portable Saw Unit.
MAY 2006 Updated WO numbers database.
Sale prices added to Melbourne Tank Museum pages.
Howard Holgate's Ford F60L Cab 12.
JUNE 2006 Quickway Crane scrapped.
Robert Pearce's C15A from Adelong, NSW.
JULY 2006 Bandiana Army Museum update - 2 pages.
A CMP-based bus.
AUGUST 2006 A CMP (and other) collection at Willunga, South Australia.
The MVSSCA Ford FGT No8.
SEPTEMBER 2006 Significant new indexing pages for CMPs.
8 to 15cwt, Field Artillery Tractors and 60cwt.
A big weekend at Temora.
Ian Styles' Guy Quad Ant has an outing.
A collection of No6 Bofors tractor remains, along with a fairly complete example.
An original CMP Derrick.
Armoured cars in South Australia
A pair of US6 Studebakers newly acquired by the Dowling Brothers.
A No 3A Artillery Tractor in South Australia.
Phil Lloyd's FGT No8 project.
Additions to C60X survivors, Misc. FGTs.
Rear No9 FGT body,
Corowa 2000.
OCTOBER 2006 A 1941 Ford Field Artillery Tractor in Queensland.
Some pictures from New Zealand from Rob Beale.
An auction near Cooma reported by Andrew Dowling.
NOVEMBER 2006 Ford Field Artillery Tractor register