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 Updates 2005  
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DECEMBER 2005 Tim Berry's newly restored F15A from Queensland.
Some more fantastic images of Monegeeta from Darrin Wright. Page 1 and page 2.
The Chevrolet CMP halftrack.

More Monegeeta images from after the war.

Elliotts Mobile Cranes in Geelong back in the 70s.
NOVEMBER 2005 A Ford FGT No8 goes to auction at Gracemere, Qld.
Lockheed Hudson from the Cessna 02A and inside the Hudson.
The former Ken Hughes 6 seater utility rescued.
A LP2A carrier hull in Oodnadatta, S.A.
Reference images of a Canadian F15.
and GS No 1 and 2 on Australian assembled 15 cwt CMPs.
South African Military Museum. Page 1, 2, 3, 4.
South African Air Force Museum.
CMPs and Reo US6 in Tumut, NSW.
Uptated WO numbers database.
A Jeep and trailer in a Temora farm clearing sale.
Some updated pics on the Anson page.
A F60S tipper bought on ebay finds a new home in Broken Hill.
A new page on tippers.
Ford Lynx factory photographs.
Military Vehicle Field Specification index.
MV Field Spec 1023.
The Ryan STM in the air over Temora.
Lockheed Hudson from the air.
Monegeeta: The Australian Army Trials Facility - a 2 page article by Mike Cecil.

A F15A power to weight experiment at Monegeeta.
Updates to the 6 seat Utility page - some new images including the Holden version.
A 2 page spread on the wrecks in the outside storage yard of the Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
A F60L Cab 12 drill rig and C60X in Coober Pedy, South Australia.
Some images of Euan McDonald's CGT on the Trackers trip.
Some restored Mvs from the Northern Territory.

Additional pics to the Northern Territory story, including a second page with a C60S tipper.
An experimental F15A.
Pacific fire engines.

A Guy Quad Ant gun tractor in Temora.
VP day in Canberra, Page 1 and 2.
A low mileage F60S in Lithgow.
A Studebaker US6 fatality.

The remains of a HUP on Vancouver Island.

A 7B3 FGT in Argentina.

A collection of images from Ross Beckley in New South Wales.
A C15A from Norway.

JULY 2005
Treasures of the CMP world, New Old Stock parts.
Convoy Caldwell #4 from Chatsworth, Ontario. A pair of C15As; Carriers.
Hughes Auto Spares.
Rover armoured car 25848.
A Linn C5 tractor half track.
A GM Fox armoured car chassis conversion.
Melbourne Tank Museum update.
JUNE 2005
A stretched F15A.
A late production F15A.
A pair of Grant tanks.
Western Desert Blenheims.
4 and 5 squadron RAAF Boomerang pictures.
Dai Hard, and a CGT to the rescue!
APRIL 2005

Year of the Carrier DVD images
Some slides from 1969-70 taken in Vietnam
The Vickers light and medium tanks at the Army Tank Museum, Puckapunyal.
Tracked Truck, 1 ton GS
FGT arrives home.
More carrier relics at Puckapunyal.
Some additions to the Tank Attack Carrier page.
A C15A from Queensland.
FGT fuel tanks.
MARCH 2005 Corowa Swim-in:
Bandiana visit.
A thoroughly restored F15A of John Ledoux.
A Chevrolet MCP 4X4.
Strickland Bren Tractors.
Day one along the Murray.
Day 2 - forming up and driving to airport.
The drive page 2.
Corowa swap meet.
CMP Tyre types.
Dingo Armoured Cars.
Updates to the Rover armoured car, page 1 and 2.
FEBRUARY 2005 A discussion on carrier track orientation by Bob Moseley
Some WW1 images from Egypt
JANUARY 2005 A complete revamp of the following pages:
Chevrolet C60X
PMG Dual cabs

A listing of Australian Army registration numbers found on CMP vehicles.
A Guy Quad Ant for sale
Some interesting pictures from Don Smith in South Australia.
A Chevrolet C15A in Geelong.
An extensive article by Mike Cecil on the C60X in Australian service.
Another update to the F22 page.
Two pages on Burma in 1977 and in 1996.
More new C60X images from Tony Smith.
France, 1978: a pair of modified Dodges.
Queenscliff, 1976 - a VMVC club run.