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 A trip over Thorney Island by Harvard      
Thorney Island has special meaning to me, for this is where my Uncle and namesake Keith Wathen flew his last mission on May 17th 1943. He was flying a Torpedo-equipped Handley-Page Hampden with 415 (Swordfish) Squadron RCAF attacking German shipping off the Dutch coast. Just after midnight he was shot down. His body was recovered some time later and he is now buried in the Commonwealth War Graves at Keil in Germany. See Keith Wathen page. Lee-On-Solent
Phil Shaw was kind enough to fly an approach to Thorney Island from seawards, at the same height and speed as a Hampden so I could get an impression of what my Uncle would have seen on a typical air test in his Hampden. One last look as we fly back towards Portsmouth and Lee-on-Solent.
Although the base is no longer an active airfield and the Army now occupy the buildings, it is much the same in 2004 as it would have been during the war.
Once the sightseeing part of the flight was over, it was time to do some aerobatics in the Harvard. Wonderful stuff! Travel forward 8 months to a very similar shot in Australia.
Lone yacht just off Portsmouth. Just across from Portsmouth is the former flying boat base of Calshot. The remains of the grass strip are visible on the left.