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 Temora Aviation Museum September 2006 flying weekend      
A huge weekend for both the museum and the town, this saw the first appearance of a Prime Minister in Temora since Federation. Mr. Howard was there to open the new runway. For aviation enthusiasts though it was the first time since the 1940s to see two Spitfires flying together.
Pure beauty! Temora's pair of Spitfires, on the left FU-P a Mk XVI which was flown in combat in Europe with 453 Squadron RAAF, and on the right, RG-V a Mk VIII painted to represent a 457 Squadron aircraft flown by Ace Bobby Gibbes. Amazingly the pilot who flew FU-P (the same aircraft, not just a representation) was present at Temora on the weekend. I was warned the Spit would be approaching in "a minute" when Guy shot past our open window with a mighty roar of the Merlin. It doesn't get much better than this.
Pilot Guy Bourke brings the Spit in for a close-up. What made these pictures special was Guy was wearing 1940s RAAF clothing. I took this pic at sunset after his first flight.
OK I admit it was fun. Here I am in the back of a T28D Trojan formating on Ian Sylvester's T28.