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 Temora Aviation Museum Flying Weekend March 2006    Related pages: January flying weekend.
I was there for a couple of reasons - the main one was to shoot some interviews with veterans who were attending, but also to take some photographs of the Spitfire for the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the prototype Spitfire in March 1936
First a couple of pictures of the Museum's founder, David Lowy. David was pilot of the Spitfire on this occasion and regularly flies the aeroplane.
The Spit is a MkVIII, and was the last one delivered to the RAAF in 1944, being placed into storage. Other than it's first test flights at Castle Bromwich it remained unflown until Col Pay rebuilt it in the mid 1980s. Today, it has around 250 hours total time and the Museum put around another 25 flying hours per year on it.
Lars Larsen and Steve Death in the Tiger Moth and Ryan STM. The roulettes put on a display with the PC9s.
Doug Hamilton brought his CAC Ceres, the only one of the type still airworthy. Ex-Drage Airworld, this was a cropduster based on the Wirraway and using a number of Wirraway components. Doug commented they took away all the Wirraway's vices when they designed this. Matthew Denning launches through the dust in his CAC Boomerang.
A unique formation. The Ceres, Winjeel, Wirraway and Boomerang
Doug taxis in after his display. Former RAF pilot George Hedges watches the Spitfire taxi out for it's display. I interviewed George and several other veterans that day. George only had a couple of hours in Spitfires, going on to fly Liberators in Burma and later, Lincolns, Vampires, Meteors and Hunters in the RAF.
The Wirraway seen at the top of a manoeuvre during the display. I departed Temora around 4PM for the 6 hour drive to Melbourne. This was taken on the hill going down past Lake Mokoan North of Benalla.