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 Temora Aviation Museum Flying weekend Jan 2006    Related pages: March 2006 flying weekend.  
Although I was mainly there to record some audio, I grabbed the opportunity to take some still images on what was a very hot day.
Gordon Glynn taxis the Bird Dog as we set off to try to take some footage of Tom Moon flying his Extra 300S through a cloud. At least it was cold at 8,500 feet. On the flying day (Saturday) the Tiger took to the air.
A couple of shots of the beautiful Ryan STM flown by Steve Death.
Static shot of the Mk VIII Spitfire. The Wirraway prepares to taxi.
Gloster Meteor F8 canopy pass
The Meteor and Vampire did a pair routine.
Bruce Wood puts the Vampire through it's paces.
And off into the wild blue yonder.