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 Chevrolet C15A, Adelong NSW      
Robert Pearce from Adelong in New South Wales is the owner of this Holden-built C15A. Robert uses this truck as a spray rig and says it's the best he's used for the hilly country around beautiful Adelong.
Robert tells us he had wanted a blitz since he was 12 years old and finally got to drive this truck at the age of 39.
Now 50, Robert is the proud owner of this truck with some interesting markings. The truck had belonged to Robert's father-in-law, who sat in a deck chair supervising Robert's handiwork as he rebuilt the brakes and fitted axle seals. Robert has fitted the rear tray from a Nissan Patrol with the spraying gear.
Interestingly the vehicle appears to have had a rebuild sometime in it's distant past, with the first number, 8421 signifying a C15 4X2 model, whilst the lower one, 8444 is right for the truck, a C15A 4X4.
Here's another interesting conundrum: the ARN on the front shell is Army... Whilst the number on the bumper is RoyaL Australian Navy.
Inside it's had the dash insert modification to adapt it to late pattern insruments. The 216 Chev motor is still fitted.
Original pattern tyres are still in good nick.