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 PMG Dual Cab      
The Australian Post Master-General (PMG) once looked after telephones and the Post Office. Now the telecommunications have been spun off to Telstra (currently part Government owned) and other providers, and Australia Post (still wholly owned by the Federal Government) look after the mail.
In the late 40s and 50s, an unknown number of CMP vehicles were acquired and modified to suit linesman's needs by the PMG. Surviving vehicles are almost all Chevrolet C15 models with extended chassis, although they also used some Fords.
This is the standard C15 based version with extended chassis, fitted with ladder racks. The cabs were coachbuilt with wind up side windows and roomy cabs seating 6. The original spare wheel carrier has been retained. Painted red with black chassis and mudguards, this one appears to be based on a C15A and is fitted with what looks like a blade for backfilling trenches.
A weed spraying crew load up from their C15.
This is the first one I found, at Diamond Creek in the early 1970s.
A Ford F30 based unit seen in Dandenong, 1973. It has been set up as a weed sprayer.
The front ladder rack has been moved forward, entering through the cab roof.
These pictures were taken in 2003 by Stuart McDonald in Western Victoria showing a fairly intact cab on a C15 extended chassis version. This had been refitted with a water tank and used by a Country Fire Authority brigade.
Daylesford, 1974. Pic from Mike Fisher.
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