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A rather tired-looking Chev based CMP with a Ford grille. The front differential has been replaced with a tubular section much like the F602L.
This one is basically a Japanese truck of some sort with a few CMP cab bits from a late production Ford.
The same with this one - looks CMP at first but there's really not a lot there. Interesting to see the more modern Japanese cabs discarded in favor of the CMP shape. Inside the cab reveals a CMP dash, but that's about it. Note the Mitsubishi logo on the door.
This looks more original, once a Ford, but a closer look reveals a non-Ford chassis and rear diff. Once again the front diff has been removed.
Another real bitser, using some Ford cab parts. The front shell has had panels replaced too.
Note the use of a Ford diff to stop the load crushing the driver. These people have great faith in their engineering skills.
At the same place is this truck built with some GMC cab parts. And another Ford-based crane on a different chassis.
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