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Thanks to Andy Davis, working in Bagan, we have a number of interesting images taken in and around Mandalay in 2006. The methods the Burmese have been using to keep the shape of the CMP on the road are astonishing, and demonstrate the durability of the basic design of the CMP, and in particular the polularity of the cab shape, as you will see.
This Ford probably started out as a GS F60L built around 1944/45, but has since seen several rebuilds, acquiring a US steel body. The bumper is from a Chev.
Interior reveals original late pattern dash and original steering wheel, but the doghouse suggests an engine transplant. Another Ford snapped on the run.
Sequence of shots CMP based buses taken from the back of a pickup.
I like the crank handle stowage on the front shell of this Ford-based example.
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