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Max Hedges early CMP collection

In August 2002 I visited Max and photographed his shed of early CMPs. The Hedges collection now comprises 1 cab 11 and 6 cab 12s.

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Max's collection

A case of Maple Syrup for oil. This was the first startup for over 5 years.
Last Mail from Birdsville writer/director and co-producer Roger Clarke conducts "concourse d'elegance inspection on one of Max's F60L cab 12s. He's not sure whether the bird droppings are original. Wide shot of the shed. There are seven early CMPs in this shed in varying states of completeness. Max has the remains of 7 cab 12 and 1 cab 11 so far. In this picture from left to right: 1941 cab 11 C60L, 1941 cab 12 F60L, 1941 can 12 F60L
The cab 11 safely in the shed. The area just behind the driver's seat has a scratched in inscription.
The truck came without a front axle - but there's no shortage of spares inthe Yass rea!
Cab 11 dash. Max is curious to know the function of the round socket at the peak of the cluster. Chev cab 12 dash for comparison.
Cab 11 left floor. The cab 11 appears to lack a grab handle. Cab 12 floor with grab handle.