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I visited David in February 2007 and took some detail pictures of his gun tractor project. Related pages: David pages 1 and 2,
David has rebuilt a chassis to running condition. The 216 engine came from a bus. Chassis is a C15A which has been adapted to take a 2-speed transfer case, winch and fairleads. Chassis prefix 38444 denotes a 1943 C15A. The 'S' after the type means Sydney assembly. The original chassis number was 2844000027, '28440' being a 1942 3-ton 101" CGT chassis. These chassis numbers were allocated by GM-H factories.
The winch fairleads are Australian-made. David would have preferred Canadian pattern but has not been able to locate a set.
David has rebuilt these rear fairleads using parts from a set he found on a wrecked Ford. These shots of the roof reveal the amount of work David faces on the body.
This is the top rear corner of the body where the tail lights were mounted. The underside of the body shows the construction was very similar to the 15cwt GS bodies Holden built.
Left hand interior. The butt holder for the bren can be seen in the upper part and the spare tyre bracket was a later addition as the early gun tractors were fitted with runflat tyres. Right-hand interior is in very good condition.
Rear door reveals the original ARN, 66224 Interesting radius on the corners of the rear door.
This is the top of the B pillar on the left side showing the relatively lightweight construction of the CGT No 8. Looking aft from the front shows the battery box and rear seats.