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Barrie Smith's photographs

Barrie Smith was "paired" with Keith during training in Rhodesia in 1941. Now a charming gentleman iin his mid 80s, Barrie has kindly loaned me his logbook and photo album. Whilst Keith was ultimately sent to 415 Squadron, RCAF, a Coastal Command squadron in England, Barrie went to Drigh Road in Karachi where he test-flew aircraft which were either locally assembled or transited through his unit. He told his story in the November 1997 edition of FlyPast magazine.
Barrie's brother Neil also served with Coastal Command. See his dramatic pictures.
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February 1941 This picture was taken at the Melbourne Showgrounds just prior to the new recruits leaving for Rhodesia. Keith is top left. The man next to him is Barrie Smith, who took most of these photographs

The passing out picture, taken in front of an Airspeed Oxford. Keith is second row, third from left. Barrie is again to the right of him. They were good friends, spending a lot of their leisure time together whilst in Rhodesia.
A page from Barrie's photograph album. He and Keith took pictures of each other whilst flying at 6000 feet in an Oxford. The blurry one on the left was taken by Keith and on the right is Keith at the controls.
Keith Wathen Airspeed Oxford instrument panel. This shot was taken in flight as can be seen by the positions of the dials on the instruments.
Keith and Barrie one weekend at Bulaweyo. They were befriended by Rhodesian families who were extremely hospitible.
Keith Wathen in uniform.