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CMP tractors
Cab 11/12
Cab 11 Ford FGT at Petawawa, Canada.
Cab 12 reconstruction seen in Queensland.
CGT Cab 12s, Rick Sheerman. The first has been cut severely and the second less so.
FGT of Len Watkins, Sydney, NSW.
Sid Beck Collection, Mareeba, Qld..
Cab 13 No6 Chevrolet
Reference image of 73592.
Ron Fry's example, Seymour Vic. Ron also has a genuine chassis.
Alberton, a rough crane.
The pilot model seen at Wesley College.
ARN 73592 seen at the GM-H factory.
Hugh Davis intact No6, an incredibly beaten up No6 and cab remains.
Tipper conversion, Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs N.T.
Wreck, chassis No chassis 2844200698M Tumut area, NSW.
Cab 13 No8 Ford
Reference image of 132172 3/4 rear and 3/4 front.
Gracemere FGT No8 example sold at auction.
Greta West FGT chassis and front shell.
ARN 132748 at Ringwood in the 70s.
A South Australian rebuild.
An almost intact example in New South Wales.
ARN 55964, Phil Lloyd's Cab chassis No8.
ARN 132384, belonging to Phil Lloyd, Qld.
Cab 13 No8 Chevrolet
CGT No8 photographed by Mitch Holland in the 80s.
Cab 13 No9 Ford
Reference images of 132141. Overhead front, left front 3/4, right side.
A parade of FGT 9s.
ARN 130171 still working as a crane in 2006.
ARN 134881 as found by Wayne Henderson in Perth.
ARN FGT8 132271, Queensland.
ARN 133172, Whittlesea.
My FGT9 rear body, Oakdale, NSW.
Rusty white FGT No9 photographed by Peter Morgan, 1980s.
130714, Peter Morgan, NSW.
Cab 13 No9 Chevrolet
CGT bodies, Hughes Trading 1973.
CGT No9 cut down body owned by Rick Sheerman, Adelaide.
Euan McDonald's CGT No9 (Body No3) at the Pinnacles, W.A.
Canadian Cab 13 Tractors
7B3, of Manuel Vazquez-Edward, Argentina.
Modified Conventional Pattern Tractors
No.3A Marmon-Herrington
John Belfield's restored example in 2006 and a pair used in it's restoration.
Colin Anderson's 1939 version seen at Corowa, 2002.
A No 3A Artillery Tractor in South Australia.
British Tractors
Guy Quad Ant
WW2 images
Melbourne Tank Museum
Bare chassis remains, Melbourne Tank Museum
New South Wales
Ian Styles' restored Quad Ant. Here's a couple of pages on the Guy body and chassis restoration.