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 Inside the Hudson   Page 1 from the Wirraway
Hudson from the 02A
On the last day of October we made two filming flights in the Hudson with lipstick cameras mounted on the port wing and on the nose gun. Once airborne, I was able to move around the aircraft covering the various crew positions.
Four pics from the Boulton Paul turret. This position is horrendously noisy - all wind rush. Although the turret turns easily the largest clear panel is actually to the front, so I turned around to take this picture.
The small black dot on the leading edge of the wingtip is a lipstick camera. It's an eerie feeling when it slides around unlocked - you feel like you're falling.
The bomb aimer has a good view from the flat panel in the floor.
Navigator's seat.
Starboard Wright Cyclone from the co-pilot's seat. The small green bump on the nose is our lipstick camera.
Not surprisingly pilot Doug Hamilton is the most current Hudson driver in the world. The crew are dressed in genuine WW2 RAAF flying kit (apart from the modern headsets).
Port waist position.
From the starboard waist gun position. The noise in the rear fuselage comes mainly from these open gun positions, varying in pitch and intensity as the airframe is loaded during manoeuvres. Doug and Gordo during a wingover.
View from the navigator's table. Engineer Andrew minds the HDV camera.