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 Guy Quad Ant ventures out.    Related pages: A Guy in Eltham, The Belfield Guy,  
Sounding a little like an overgrown Morris Oxford the green Guy Quad Ant lumbered out from it's shed. It's made the move from the restoration workshop to the general shed, it's place taken by Ian's Ford F60L.
Ian's Guy closely resembles the slightly later production Guy in the official pic on the right.
Photocopy of the original contract covering this batch of tractors. Ian has come to terms with the unconventional reversed gearshift pattern on the Guy. Inside it's quite roomy, although the driving position leaves something to be desired.
Spectacular and rare, this pre-war artillery tractor clearly shows the origins of the Cab 11/12 CMP tractors, perhaps even more closely than the Morris Commercial version.
Ian's other gun tractor, an Australian Pattern No3A Ford/Marmon-Herrington.