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Nice unrestored carrier hull number 959 also came from the Bandiana collection. Painted over remnants of the scorpion emblem.
Another good restorable carrier hull is 4950.
This is fairly rare in Australia - a Churchill. The original engine still turns over and Ron reckons it wouldn't take much to make it mobile.
Ron has a fair collection of Grants in varying states of completeness.
This is one Ron has had mobile, driving it around his property and also managing to bog it in his dam. The engines are out at the moment.
Whilst most Grants have been cut down, this is very much intact. It even has the anti-grenate screens.
There are three Matildas representing some of the variants, there is also a Valentine which I don't yet have a picture of.
This Matilda turret was obviously salvaged from a range.
A very cut down Stuart.