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 Ford FGT No9 130707 for the Australian War Memorial     Related pages: Peter Morgan's FGT collection.  
February 2007
The Australian War Memorial have recently acquired this No9 Ford Field Artillery Tractor ARN 130707 from Keith Adam. This vehicle was initially discovered in the 1980s in Oodnadatta by Peter Morgan.
Seen here soon after recovery at the Mitchell annexe, this is one of the most intact of it's type, which is why the Memorial were keen to acquire this particular example.
The Memorial currently have a policy not to operate these vehicles so whilst it will be restored it is not planned to have it operational.
The spare wheel bracket has been cut from the interior and welded to the roof.
Whilst it is sitting on it's original chassis, it has suffered some cutting when the winch was removed so the spare chassis will be used in the restoration.
Comparitive shot taken by Peter Morgan how the vehicle first appeared over 20 years earlier when he found it, the graffiti was fresh. More pics here.
Peter also owns the remains of several No9 tractors.
The spare FGT chassis seen on the right was supplied as part of the package. The chassis number was also the engine number, stamped on the right chassis rail near the front on Australian assembled Fords.
On the door is the former owner's name and a Melbourne city address. Vehicle topcoat was once gloss deep bronze green, a post war colour. These tractors were disposed of during the late 50s to the mid 60s. And on the left back door a Max Speed 30 MPH and the ARN.
This picture was taken back in 2002 when the FGT was stored in Keith's shed.