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Euan McDonald's photographs

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Euan was bitten by the CMP bug at a tender age. Here are some of the results of his passion. In the Year of the Blitz, Euan made it into our national newspaper...

Euan's first CMP - a C15A was found on a farm in Lochsport in January 1984 Euan was 15 at the time.

The standard car trailer is just a little too narrow for a CMP.

Euan's father lends a hand.

Isn't this a familiar sight.

The almost finished Chev at Euan's home in Lower Plenty, Vic

A Ford F60L which had sat hidden behind the Surrey Hills railway station was recovered by Euan.

So what do you do with a spare blitz? Have fun, of course!

Test of strength - Looks like the trailer won't be the same again...

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