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245 of these light armoured cars were built in Australia from February 1942 by the Ford Motor Company using Marmon-Herrington four wheel drive components. They were issued to units of the 1st Australian Armoured Division from mid 1942, but due to their weight were not very successful off-road, and were replaced by the Canadian Lynx armoured car as they became available in 1944.

Today there are a small number left around Australia, some in museums, but also in the hands of private individuals.

Factory pic of a Dingo Scout Car
Dingo belonging to Rick Cove in East Gippsland. The 10.50-18 tyres are very difficult to find in usable condition. Two specially shaped fuel tanks were located in the rear.
Cut down Dingo at Colin Anderson's auction in 2003.
The Tank Museum at Puckapunyal have an example. The Dingo weighed 4.5 tons, carried a crew of 2, was armed with a Bren, and could reach a maximum speed of 90 Km/h.
A couple of years ago, Mike Cecil purchased a very low mileage Dingo chassis from Tasmania. It is shown here about to go to the sandblasters. Mike comments the chassis was painted black at the factory with areas of khaki overspray where fittings have been added to the hull. The chassis number which is also the engine serial.