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 No6 Bofors tractor, Adelaide    Related pages: No6 new vehicle pics.  
Hugh Davis has many CMPs on his property North of Adelaide. In particular there are the remains of several "Tractors, (Aust) No6 which were designed to tow the Bofors guns.
This vehicle came from the Ken Hughes collection in Queensland. Whilst the body is an original No6 the chassis is from another C60S. Ken had started working on the body a number of years ago, stripping the paint and reskinning one of the crew doors.
This much abused No6 tractor's final job was as a yard crane. The tyres had extra tyres loosely added to the outside to protect against punctures. This truck has had a harder life than most, and is testament to the strength and soundness of the CMP design.
Note the aperture in the rear of the cab for the speaking tube. It's been a long time since this vehicle was controlled by a radio.
Many repairs later this chassis is permanently broken.
The front section of yet another No6 tractor.