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 Corowa 2007    The DVD is now finished and will be available from the Corowa 2008 event in March 2008.  
For the first time, Geoff Winnington-Ball has visited us in Australia and attended the Corowa Amphibious Swim-in (although the drought has precluded the swimming vehicles). Here's a selection of images. (more to come soon).
In front of the assembled vehicles at the Corowa airport. The theme for this year was "Year of the Cycle and Staff Car" Here's Geoff at Bandiana in front of Rick Cove's Chevrolet Staff Car.
Just some of the MLU bunch at the Corowa Caravan Park in front of Euan's Chevrolet gun tractor. L to R Euan McDonald, Greg Beeston, Tony Smith, Swiss Chris (Kermit), Me, Rick Cove and his wife, and Mike Kelly on the far right. Geoff of course is in the hatch. Pedr deep in conversation with Geoff over a pack of Tim Tams.
And more MLU crew: The three on the left are Tony Smith, Geoff and myself; then Howard Holgate at the rear, Jeff Gordon from Queensland and Tony Elliott (who is a mate of Howard's, owner of a Cab 12 F60L AND will become a MLU-er just as soon as he can get himself online). Geoff, Jan Thompson and Pedr.
Geoff taking a look at Doug Hamilton's T6 Harvard "Harold" which he flew in to the event.
Ian Pullen and Geoff meet at Bandiana. Geoff in one of Bandiana's C60Ls. This one is not currently on display.
The Bandiana Army Museum's Cab 12 Geoff with Salesman Bob Moseley.
A very interesting (and original) Bombay Chevrolet restored by Barry Peters. Two unique vehicles, in the background is Rick Cove's Chevrolet staff car and foreground Colin Anderson's Pontiac with an Australian 12cwt composite body.