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This aircraft is seen here in a series of frame grabs from a Digital Betacam shoot I did in August 2003.

The pilot is Phil Shaw, who also ferried the Canberra from England to Australia in 2002 in an epic journey.

In the UK, Phil flies a range of warbirds from Seafire to Hunter to Canberra to Sea Fury, to name just a few.

Phil Shaw at the controls as seen from the rear seat of Steve Death's T28 Trojan which has had a modified rear canopy for filming. You need really still air to get close-ups like this. My view was through the small black and white viewfinder, but in the few moments I was able to steal a glance it was an awesome sight to see the Canberra just hanging there just meters away.    
Generally when filming we flew in a large circle.      
We wanted to see the Canberra climbing, so the first move was a dive to gain airspeed.      
Here's the climbing shot... shortly after this we ran out of airspeed in the T28 and the Canberra peeled off.
It was surprising how heavy the 30 kilo camera became when pulling a couple of Gs.
Here's the same shot with the horizon corrected.