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Chevrolet CGT #8 Australian Pattern Gun tractor index    
Both Ford and Chevrolet built the local pattern #8 and #9 gun tractors which were mounted on Canadian Field Artillery tractor chassis. Unlike the Canadian FATs, which were built by Gottfriedson, they differed in detail from each other, incorporating details unique to each brand such as doors, roof hatches, floors, skinning and other elements.      
Often published images of the pilot vehicle. Interestingly, GM-H chose to mount the fuel tanks on the opposite sides to the Fords, which necessitated a cut out in the crew doors to accommodate the filler. This particular picture has been published in a Ford history book as a Ford! The rear fairleads are of the early Canadian type which would indicate this was possibly built on a cab 12 chassis as a pilot model. This body also carried two pioneer toolracks.    
A third image of the prototype has recently emerged from a private collection.
Jon Rogers sent me this image (below) taken by his son Patrick in 2002 at a Brisbane swap meet.      
Chevrolet CGT #8 with limber. This vehicle has been fitted with 12.00X20 tyres. The side locker is from a Wireless van.      
Pic taken by Mitch Holland in 1985. See more.. Possibly a modified special, this chassis might have started out as a CGT #8. This one is Queensland registered.    
Wartime images of a CGT #8 at Kairi, a training camp in Queensland.      
  Tare and gross weights are stencilled on the fueltank.    
Vehicle park, New Guinea.      
CGT #8 remains in Tasmania. Pic by Euan McDonald.      
 CGT No8 cab grafted onto a C60L in Moree, NSW.