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Chevrolet C60X

See also C60X_2 and Rick Cove's C60X.

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Canadian built C60X, at the Holden factory in Australia. This is the first C60X to be imported into Australia. See Mike Cecil's article on the subject. The colour looks to be Light Stone. Note the Australian C15 personnel in background. This was probably a prototype.

Another Canadian chassis, this one photographed in Canada, wearing Khaki No.2.

C60X converted to a mobile borer. Templestowe, Victoria 1973. This vehicle was originally a "Truck, Breakdown No4."

Canadian production testing of a Machinery version.

Above and below: Templestowe 1973. Late production C60X, originally a refueller. The front section of the pump covers can be seen to the left of the vehicle.

Mobile crane, Lysaght Industries 1974.

Smart late production C60X. Photograph Euan McDonald.

Ex RAAF refueller, in it's death throes, Maloney Trucks, 1974

A pic sent to me by Rick Malaspina.

Photograph from Mike Fisher collection, details unknown, late 1970s

C60X, On the Hume Highway. 1999. This one has a Ford roof, but has since disappeared.

Shepparton - pic by Euan McDonald
Just don't ask... - pic by Euan McDonald
Just North of Port McQuarie New South Wales is this rather rusty C60X with a huge crane.
There was also a C60L at the same place.
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