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Chevrolet C30 and C60S

Not too sure what to call this one - it started out as a C15A signals van (Yes, really) straight from Disposals in the early 1970s. Owner Graeme Mcintosh modified it extensively fitting a Dodge V8 and later transferring everything to a C60S ex-PMG crewcab chassis. It has since been further modified and is now owned by his brother, Andrew, who sent me this picture. Here's a pic I took of it at he Wandin Field Day in 1999 before the customised number plate and bumper mods.
Yarra Junction, 1971
Wazzndin 1974.
Box Hill 1974.
Horsham 2001
Cronins yard, Daylesford 1973.
Healesville, 1973. This truck has obviously not been in civvy hands for long and is just starting to show signs of rough sawmill use. Look at the almost perfect overflow tank.      
Fieglins yard 1972.
Lyndhurst, South Australia 1998.    
Horsham 2001      
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