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New C60L with dropside tray photographed at Monegeeta where it was trialed by the Army. ARN 78778
Seen in Western Australia - pic by Euan McDonald
- pic by Euan McDonald - pic by Euan McDonald
C60L seen in Mentone, 2001 This truck belongs to Eddie Valla - pics by Euan McDonald
Data plate form above truck.
Powelltown, 1974.
Cab 12 seen at Copley, S.A. -Pic by Roger Clarke.
Above 3 pictures taken at Stackpooles, 1989.
- Mike Fisher pic - Mike Fisher pic    
C60L with oroginal dropside tray. - Mike Fisher pic    

Taken in Lyndhurst, 1999. This was one of two trucks used in the 150th celebration mail run in 1986 with Tom Kruse.

Cameraman in background is Greg Parish, ACS.

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