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 Bandiana Army Museum Update July 2006      
In Mid-July I visited the museum to film the final segments for Year of the Armoured Car DVD which will feature the museum's White Scout car and Staghound. While I was there Ian Pullen kindly showed me some new additions and current projects.
This was the cab 12 F60L as the museum acquired it with the amalgamation of the collections. Over the past year or so it has been worked on to bring it back to a more accurate (and running) representation. In 2006 it was rebuilt again. It's good to see a cab 12 being given the treatment, with most parts being stripped and rebuilt.
This will probably be retained and have the sides fitted, although it is from a later vehicle. Many of the panels are freshly sandblasted and Mick has been working on this guard, doing some panelbeating.
Freshly sandblasted roof panel. The hatch has some serious rust and a new hatch will probably be fabricated. An operational engine has been installed.
This F60L was acquired as a panels donor truck. To it's right is a Fordson WOT which is going to a new home.
The Museum's Ford Ambulance is also having a makeover to make it more original and mobile, including an engine transplant and paint rectification. This is the correct late pattern "Ford Canada" front shell for the project.
The engine stores area.
The pair of LP1 carriers are making good progress. The museum is restoring both with one going back to a private donor on completion.
Also included is this LP1 built trailer with a pair of complete armoured sides. This beautiful unrestored FS6 wireless with power supply was recently donated and will find a place in the Museum's LP1.
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