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  Page 2 shows these vehicles in more detail.  
 Balloons over Bagan
In January 2006, Andy Davey sent me these images from Burma. I'll let him tell the story:
"I'm currently working for a balloon rides company based in Bagan,
Myanmar(Burma), and we use Chevy trucks converted to buses to transport our

They were apparently left here after the war and converted by the locals to
buses. They're still used in the capital Yangon, and also so I've heard, quite
extensively in Mandalay.
We operate 3 of these unusual vehicles and would be interested to discover more
detail of their previous history. Every vehicle appear to be slightly different
in wheelbase, axle set up and shape. This may be due to mods made over the last
65 years, but I'm no expert! They're certainly running on (slightly) more
modern diesel engines, but much else seems original. The bus bodywork is made
from Teak, but the cab area seems fairly standard.

We also operate a Dodge weapons carrier type vehicle as a balloon transport and
occasional passenger transport.

There are many vehicles that appear to be ex ww2 around in Myanmar, along with
the more modern Hinos and jap minibuses."
And a closer look at the two Chevs.The bumper has been replaced but the brush guard and "D"s are still there, and the steering box looks different too. It has the original windscreens, slightly raised.
This one has been slightly more modified with vents in the top of the front shell and new windows.
A Dodge Weapons carrier, with a 6X6 body and winch bumper. Here are some more pics of the Dodge.