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Cab 11/12
Restored 2 pdr portee of John Belfield.
HUD 328 - pic of a cab 12 with a carrier on the back.
Bruce Wiltshire's F60L restoration.
Ganmain F60L ARN 7753.
Greta West serial 4979.
Wreck, Greta West.
Sawmill crane belonging to Harry Grey.
Max Hedges' "Mad Max" crane, Yass NSW.
Max Hedges fires up his smoky F60L
A couple of WW2 pics.
A former winery F60L.
A Flowerpot seen by Mark Sierant.
Yard crane at the Melbourne Tank Museum.
Remains seen at Mossvale in 2004.
ARN 18135 owned by Rick Cove, with a body from a cab 13 F60L recuperator.
Warburton Sawmill had two cab 12s, this one and "Miss carriage".
Very tidy farm tray truck at Whittlesea.
A rough wreck at Mildura, Vic.
Sawmill crane with cab 13 roof and a F60L wreck, hard to recognise, at Daylesford, Vic.
Cab chassis 12858 at Booses Mill, Daylesford, Vic.
Actually a cab 12 chassis with 13 cab belonging to Ron Fry, Corowa 2000.
Cab 13
F30/60S Ambulance
Body at ADS, 1973.
In service pics from a recruiting album.
ARN 160714, Adelaide Museum, 2002.
Melbourne Tank Museum 2006.
Converted ambulance, Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs N.T.
Remains of an ambulance, Daylesford, Vic.
1950s shot of an ambulance at Essendon Airport, Vic.
Hugh Thompson's RAAF Ambulance, 1973.
Hugh Thompson's second ambulance.
Pic from Mike Fisher's album, 1970s.
Ambulance at Ken Hughes, 1990s.
Pic from a magazine.
Dubbo Museum, 2006.
F60S tipper
Broken Hill
ARN 62723,Mungerannie South Australia
Cranbourne, Vic
Cowley's treefellers, Box Hill, Vic.
Heathcote, Vic.
Early type, NSW.
A pair of F60S tippers, Ringwood Timber, 1973.
Mildura - a fairly intact example.
400 Gall water tanker
Truck, 400-gall water tanker, Ian Styles collection, Temora.
Truck, 400-gall water tanker, Corowa, NSW in 2006 and earlier in 2000.
Truck, 400-gall water tanker, DCA, 1950s
Truck, 400-gall water tanker, Belfield photo album.
Misc F60S
Romsey clearing sale
ADS Weedsprayers, a fleet of CMPs 1970s
Argentinian vehicle
Cab chassis at Marulan.
Holmes wrecker rebuild at the Melbourne Tank Museum shortly before being auctioned for $9,000.
Cut down F60S I owned as a teenager.
Post-war assembled vehicles at John Belfield's, Feiglin's timberyard in Nunawading and Warburton, 1970.
Rudi Vandenbroek's post-war assembled F60S.
Several CMPs scrapped at Romsey in 2003.
A New Zealand assembled truck at Yass, NSW.
A heavy crane conversion, Mildura.
A Sawmill crane, and another showing the reinforcement for the spare wheel carrier bracket, Daylesford.
Late production cab chassis, Booses sawmill, Daylesford.
F60L Truck, 3-ton Stores
Truck, 3-ton Stores ARN 120966 of Ian Styles, before restoration.
Truck, 3-ton Stores owned by Bay Kelly of Boorowa, NSW.
C58398, a Truck, 3 ton Stores with the DCA.
Misc F60L
Reference image - pilot Bofors vehicle.
Late production vehicle and a clean cab/chassis from Bruce Wiltshire's album.
Ron Fry has several examples.
Jungle Motors, WW2.
Huggets Abroad, a 1950s "B" grade movie star.
A restoration by Tony Wheeler in 1976.
A very low mileage (1700) vehicle near Quenbeyan.
Mark Sierant's F60L with winch.
A wrecked cab chassis at Marulan NSW.
A converted crane truck belonging to Matt Boyle at Fryerstown, Vic.
Max Hedges' very bashed up late production F60L and one of their many hay carters.
Willunga, S.A. an excellent ex-fire truck.
HRE 136, converted to a timber delivery tray, Ringwood Timber & Trading Company, 1973.
Rudi Vandenbroek, South Australia, cab chassis. Rudi also has a rare airfield fire tender.
Former RAAF fire tender at Essendon airport in the 50s.
F60L tray ARN 57264 - a former bushfire brigade vehicle of Ian Styles, Temora.
Farm truck conversion of a F60L, Trucking Hall of Fame storage yard, Alice Springs. Also a late production F60L, and a number of wrecks, including another 1945 F60L.
A very heavy F60L crane with a trailing axle at Daylesford, Vic.
F60L with a very long tray and modified cab at Daylesford.
F60L forklift, a wreck hidden in the bush, one with a promising looking front shell, all at Daylesford.
A crane near the Hepburn turnoff, Daylesford.
C58317, a F60L with the DCA in the 50s.
C58397, and C58336, both DCA F60Ls
Machinery F60L, Belfield album, early 60s.
Cab 11/12
Destroyed by the Allies: Some C60Ls in the Western Desert.
Preserved example at Ilfracombe in Queensland.
Ganmain grain bin truck.
A converted log skidder belonging to John Belfield.
Cab chassis belonging to Max Hedges, Yass NSW.
Another C60L from Max's album.
Rare 11 cab C60L, Yass. More pics here.
Farm truck, Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs, N.T.
Smashed up C60L at Daylesford, Vic.
Cab 13
C60S Tippers
C60S No4 tipper.
C60S tipper - pic from Rick Cove.
Former tipper, Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs N.T.
Extended body tipper, Mildura.
Tipper at Daylesford.
Aust No3 tipper, also at Daylesford.
A former No3 tipper and what may have been an earlier model tipper, at Boose' sawmill, Daylesford, Vic.
No3 tipper from the DCA archive, along with several more on the same page.
Misc C30 and 60S
A page of various C30 and C60 vehicles.
Ron Fry's yard, Seymour, Vic.
Yard crane, Greta West, Vic.
A WO30 cab chassis at Alberton, formerly a kitchen vehicle.
My C60S, Eltham.
Pacific Fire Engine - Neil Groover's restored example seen at Canberra, Jim Bennie's example.
Daylesford, Vic - a C60S forklift conversion,
Alberton, Vic
Anakie, Vic
A 1000 pixel reference image.
Dropside tray GS owned by Robin Mawson, Geelong.
Noel Patrick's dropside tray, Tumut, NSW.
GS C60L at Corowa, 2000.
Misc C60L
A page of various C60L vehicles with links to 2 more pages.
Bright - pictures by Roger Clarke.
A Sawmill crane by Bruce Wiltshire.
Jeff Fullwood's restored example seen at Marree in 2004.
Greta West RAAF truck and remains of a crane.
Workshop truck belonging to Hugh Davis, Gawler S.A. who also has this original Derrick, RAAF delivery.
C60Ls on the NSW South Coast seen by Mark Sierant.
Restored workshop also a Coolangatta tourist bus, bushfire brigade tanker, GS and a yard crane - pics by Mitch Holland.
Cab chassis with winch wreck at Panton Hills, 2002.
Command Post, CFB Petawawa, Canada.
Russell Jenkins collection, Willunga. C60L ex fire truck.
A pair of wrecks from Steve Harris in Sydney.
A yard crane in Mildura, Vic.
A nice GS in Wodonga, Vic in 2001.
A treefeller's crane visits my school in 1972.
An ex RAAF model R111 as well as a tray version, at Daylesford, Vic.
WO 97A Blue yard crane with a disc brake winch handbrake, a Chev wreck, typical of many illustrated on this page, also at Daylesford.
A C60L with winch, at Daylesford, as is this Fowler crane.
A C60L near Newbury, Vic.
C60X Refueller.
RAAF tankers on Morotai.
A fairly intact refueller seen in the 1970s.
RAAF refueller, formerly of Point Cook.
Ex RAAF tanker in Queensland from Phil Lloyd.
Remains of a RAAF tanker in Templestowe Vic. in the 1970s.
C60X Breakdown No4.
Pattern C60X for the Breakdown No4 delivered to GM-H. There are a number of images of various C60X vehicles on this page.
Breakdown No4 seen at the Melbourne Tank Museum. Another pic seen just before it was auctioned for $6,000.
A former breakdown No4 at Yarrawonga, Vic.
1950 pic of C60X ARN 142144 and it's original body found in a shed by Rick Cove.
This auger which was once a Breakdown No4, Templestowe, Vic 1972
Misc C60X
Post-war pic of a demobbed C60X modified by the PMG.
Cab chassis owned by Alan Growse.
C60X fitted with a Studebaker body in NSW.
Rebuilt C60X ARN 142434 belonging to an AMVCS member.
Corowa, 2006 - a restored C60X with US body.
1970s pic of a cab chassis.
Footscray Mobile Cranes C60X photographed in the early 1970s.
Mobile Crane North of Port McQuarie in New South Wales.
Touring conversion photographed by Euan McDonald in the 80s.
Cab chassis seen at Tarcutta in 1999.
Cab chassis at Shepparton.
A very rough example photographed by Rick Malaspina.
Red mobile crane - pic by Euan McDonald.
Mobile crane seen at Thomastown in 1973.
Elliotts Mobile Cranes in Geelong in the 70s.
A large van version seen at Copley in 2004.
Re-engined C60X wreck, Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs N.T.