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 A stretched F15A      
This vehicle goes to show all is not necessarily what it seems. Located on a property in the Western District in this stretched F15A. On first inspection it looks like it may have been a F30, but the owner confirmed he took a standard F15A and lengthened the chassis by 33 inches to make a mid-wheelbase version.
The KLZ-291 number plate dates from around the late 1960s. Note the Canadian style roof hatch.
Original army number is still visible above the brige sign.
The owner has taken care to cover the dashboards of all the CMPs he has on the property, although in most cases the canvas has rotted and has become a water trap. Note original seat cushion. On the left side the unit sign is too far gone to read.
Two of the data plates survive indicating that at least the dash and possibly the cab has been transplanted from a Canadian assembled F15.