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 4 Squadron RAAF Boomerangs      
These images come from Rob Fox of Flightpath Magazine where some of them have been previously published. Information on aircraft history comes from the ADF serials website Links: 5 Squadron Boomerangs
A46-199, a CA-13 C/N 1022
served with 4 Sqn; coded QE-Y with them and had "Home James" on the cowl; F/L Jack Archer is known to have flown this a/c; involved in a landing accident at Labuan strip North Borneo 2/8/45 when it hit a soft spot on the strip and swung off the strip into mud; converted to components 1/46. (information from ADF serials website)
A46-209, a CAC-19 Boomerang C/N 1032
served with 4 Sqn; coded QE-J and had "Batchelor Son" on the cowl with a cartoon bomb having 2 legs with shoes and 2 arms with a gun in one and an egg(?) in the other while with 4 Sqn; landing accident Labuan strip Labuan Is 2/8/45. (information from ADF serials website)
An excellent shot of a 4 squadron Boomerang running up. A46 195, a CA-13 C/N 1018
served with 4 Sqn; was coded QE-A with "Phooey" and a picture of Donald Duck to the rear of the word on the cowl while at Labuan, North Borneo mid 1945; crashed Labuan strip 29/7/45. (information from ADF serials website)