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 8 and 15 cwt index  
F8 Cab 11/12
Reference images: Left side, interior
rear, right side.

Nigel Dawe in Oxford, England
Driver training film featuring a F8
FFW version, factory photographs.
Mike Kelly's Cab 11 C8 at Corowa 2000.

A pilot model

Reference images - pic1 left front, pic 2 left rear.

F15 and F15A cab 11/12
Reference image of a F15A cab 11 in Windsor. Side view.
F15 Cab 12 belonging to Howard Holgate.
F15A cab 12 pic by Rick Cove.
F15 Cab 13
A large reference image of a Canadian delivered F15.
Miscellaneous pics of F15 vehicles
A bus conversion.
A yard cran for sale in Alexandra in 2004.
The pilot vehicle for canvas doors.
Drigh Road India WW2 pic.
Hughes Trading, 1940s.
A page of miscellaneous images. A second page of images.
Mitch Holland's F15.
Willunga, S.A. a Canadian delivered vehicle being restored by Russell Jenkins.
F15-based AC1
Pic from Rick Cove's collection.
F15 6 seat Utility
Reference image overhead view.
New Vehicle 54657.
In service 132667.
F15A Cab 13
Reference image of a GS No2 body on a F15A with sunshine roof 3/4 right front view.
New and post war examples
A late production F15A
A stretched F15A.
Some Argentinian examples.
Tim Berry's restored F15A, Highfields Queensland.
A late production example of the F15A at Cavendish, Vic.
Sunshine roof version at Ganmain, 2006.
"The Girlfriend" of Max Hedges.
Max Hedges' F15A set up as a semi trailer tractor.
A forklift in Bright.
John Ledoux' thoroughly rebuilt F15A 175055 seen at Corowa.
A farm truck from Mark Sierant.
ARN 132159 undergoing weight testing at Monegeeta.
Example I briefly owned in the 1980s.
Tired yard crane at Noojee .
A rare US-based F15A was auctioned in Vermont in 2004.
Willunga, S.A.
123199 was a Canadian wireless truck brought to Australia as a pattern vehicle for local adaptation.
Ian Styles restored F15A, Temora.
Wreck, Tumut area, NSW.
A Sunshine roof version at Daylesford, Vic.
Unfinished project, Ballan, Vic.
Stackpoole's yard, Ararat, Vic.
Nice towtruck, Jeparit, 1974.
Late production F15A from Mike Fisher's album, 1970s.
RACV F15A I briefly owned in the 1980s.
Cab chassis - one of Nelson Wilson's finds which I helped him recover in the 70s.
F15A belonging to Sawmill owner Wayne Mitchener in the 70s.
Cab chassis in Bill Drew's yard, Kensington, Vic, 1974.
Harcourt, Vic 2003.
Panton Hills, 2004.
F22 Cab 13
2 pages of images - page 1 and page 2.
C8 Cab 12
Factory photographs of a cab 11 C8 wireless.
Jim Bennie's Cab 12 remains.
The prototype HUP owned by Brian Gough.
Some examples in Australia.
A Vancouver HUP.
CFB Petawawa, Canada.
Ganmain, NSW.
C15 Cab 12
One from Rosedale, Vic.
Vic Eaton's C15 at Corowa, 2002.
C15 Cab 13
Reference image showing a timber GS No1 body.
New and post-war examples including some special body versions.
See also Chevrolet factory photographs
Ashley Wilson collection, Yass.
A C15 with a CGT9 body.
A South African C15.
C15 at Coomandook, Sout Australia.
A restored C15 with original canvas.
Wartime pic of a C15 with GS No1 body.
"Tickets" belonging to Max Hedges takes on the High Country.
"Pugly", once owned by Brian Bell.
A Fire tender owned by Len Watkins, NSW.
C15A Cab 12
A Canadian C15A - pics from Brian Gough.
C15A Cab 13

Reference image showing No2 GS body with sunshine roof cab.
New and post war examples
Max Hedges photo album.
A wreck seen near Broken Hill by Mitch Holland.
Example (ARN 61824) under test at Monegeeta.
A farm truck owned by Robert Pearce, Adelong NSW.
Roger Richards No2 GS, Melbourne.
South African Military Museum.
Steve Harris C15A with winch, Sydney.
Mocked up gun tractor on C15A chassis, Seen at Corowa, 2002.
Euan McDonald's C15A with Corio trailer at Corowa, 2002.
C55964, a C15A in service with the DCA in the 1950s.

Wireless Signals
Pic from Bruce Wiltshire's album.
Greta West example.
Kingaroy, Qld.
Factory photographs
Bandiana Army Museum C15
Graeme McIntoshs' much converted example. Here's a pic taken before they cut it, and the way it looks in 2006.
Restored example once belonging to Bruce Peelgrane. Here's a pic of it when Bruce owned it.
Melbourne Tank Museum - unrestored sitting on the back of a F15A, and another C15 version.
61240, a new vehicle.
RSJ222, the first CMP I ever heard running.
Light breakdown conversion at Arthur's Seat.
Briquette loader conversion seen at Newport in the early 70s.
A pair of bodies used for storage, Coburg.
C15 and C15A versions from Mike Fisher's album.
One which once belonged to a draper seen at Daylesford in the early 70s.
Light coloured Sigvan from Mike Kelly's album.
A pair used as sheds, Frankston, 1972.
Interior pic of a fully restored and kitted vehicle, MVSSCA.
C15 version from South Australia seen at Corowa, 2000.
1950s pic of a Wireless van in DCA service.
6 seat Utility
A pictorial history of one truck from intact to it's death from rust.
A 6 seat utility saved.
An intact example from John Belfield's photograph collection.
Serving vehicle 62032.